Introducing a REMIC

My acquaintance with the REMIC V5200LB came at a time of searching for a violin condenser microphone . The combination of clarity and the physical sound of the instrument, without having the sound of the usual piezoelectric component -where you loose all the harmonics and the corresponding response- but having also the minimum feedback possibility. That makes you really competitive in a bigger band, where you have to deal with louder levels on the stage. In the past, we have faced many issues with previous microphones. The instrument was getting lost in the mix, and the sound engineers had to increase the level or sacrifice the physical response of the violin. With the REMIC V5200LB, all of the above was solved immediately.
The study done for this microphone to combine the vibrations of the instrument with its natural sound worked flawlessly. It takes the full body of the violin for more intensity, but also the harmonics needed for a warm and natural sound. Another advantage of this is the discretion in the construction as it is placed under the fretboard so you have unlimited freedom in the movement of the bow without fear of touching the microphone. Also the durability of the mogami cable is very important. It does not have the classic thin cable where with a mistaken use it may be cut – it has happened to us all – but it is made of a material like a cord, really hard to break. I am very pleased and I highly recommend it to my colleagues. The best solution for live live productions and concerts.


Vasilis Rapsaniotis